Fantasy clothes and costumes

Because of our present load of work, at the moment the commissions for new clothes and costumes are closed. As soon as we'll be able to open commissions again, we'll put it in the news.

All the clothes and costumes we present in this gallery are hand-made in Italy: they're OOAK pieces, or made in very few copies.

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Bridal dresses

Dame long dresses

Tunics and cloaks



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We ship worldwide, via post or courier.


To get the estimate of a commission, email us a detailed description of what you want us to do.


Interested in a 10% off? If you're in a cultural or recreational association (example: LARP, theatre, etc.), then read here.


Our products aren't toys, they're not suitable for children and if they're to be used by kids, this should happen under an adult's supervision.