Our proposal of convention

  • We offer to our affiliates and to all their members a 10% discount* on all the catalogue products (present on the website when the order is made) that are dedicated to live role-play and costumes in general.
  • In return we only ask that one of our special banners, made for the convention, is placed on the main page of the affiliate's website and message-board.
  • This convention is valid and active when our banner(s) are visible on the affiliate's website and message-board.
    All other details will be talked about case by case.

(*= this discount can be added, if it's not differently specified on the product sheet, to possible others, up to 40% off. The products that don't relate to LARP, acting and costumes, and those that are made on demand, aren't subject to this discount.)


Accademia Carminia

LARP organization set in a fantasy XVIII cen.
Area: piemonte (city of Biella) - Italy
Web: www.carminia.org

Angainor GRV

LARP organization.
Area: Tuscany - Italy
Web: www.angainor.altervista.org


LARP organization set around a fantasy 1000a.d.
Area: triveneto - Italy
Web: www.arcanadomine.it

Bergamo di Mezzo

Recreational and LARP group, organizing street events, theatre games, and more.
Area: Bergamo and province - Italy
Web: www.bergamodimezzo.org

Canti di guerra

Fantasy LARP group.
Area: Lazio - Italy
Web: cantidiguerra.forumfree.net/


Cittā di Bronzo

his An association that promotes new artists in different kinds of art, cinema included.
Area: Italy
Web: www.cittadibronzo.it

Compagnia De' Viaggiatori in Arme

Tolkien-lovers group, they organize street shows, medieval tournaments, children entertainment activities, etc.
Area: Italy.
Web: www.cdvia.it/

Il gerbillo furioso

Cultural association with a medieval-fantasy pub, great food, certified specialties from Tuscany, "medieval" delicacies. Also, themed music and drinks, the place is suitable for table-top and/or live-action role-play sessions; they organize fantasy events.
Address: Via Germanico, 103
Roma - Italy
Web: www.gerbillofurioso.it

Iperbole - Molteplicifantasticherealtā

"Recreational association for intelligent entertainment, Iperbole's activities are focused on performance and socialization, by the use of role-play. Each and every event is thought and brought to life to be 'taylored' on the players, in order to get an unique atmosphere and make it an unforgettable experience".
Area: Rome and Lazio - Italy
Web: www.iperbole.info

Palermo in Cosplay

Online community of cosplayers from Sicily, Italy.
Area: Palermo and Sicily
Web: www.palermoincosplay.net

We look for...

Groups and associations that share our interests, such as: LARP and RP, theatre, cosplay, models, miniatures, entertainment, art, playing and having fun!

We offer...

10% off on the catalogue products that are related to role-play and costumes, for the association and all its members.

We ask...

To have one of our special convention-for banners on the first page of the partner's website and message-board.

How to start

It's enough to send us an email to talk about the convention details.