Neraluna is more than a simple "job": it represents the will to put our passions at the centre of our lives, turning them into real choices and tangible results, in order to earn our living thanks to this.

What moves us...

  • To Neraluna fantasy ins't an escape from reality, but just the opposite, it represents a way to read and understand it, to enrich it with symbols and values that can turn the everyday living into a path of realization and improvement.
  • We think that doing art means to express ourselves and out time in the works we produce.
  • And to hand-craft things means, in our opinion, to use our mental and manual skills to create distinctive, unique, high quality items.

...and where we want to go


We want to produce and to market various types of high quality hand-crafted items, ranging through the different facets of the fantasy genre (medieval, gothic, etc.)

Core values

We want out products to meet the requirements of high quality, coherence with the fantasy theme, and recognizable style.
Our business will always be based on Passion, Honesty, Niceness and Communication.


To realize the Vision, coherently with the Core Values, and to get an upstanding earning from this, in order to live serenely and make the project grow.