Help and Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why international prices are lower than those for Italy?
  • The reason is VAT (Value-Added-Tax): when a product is shipped internationally, Italian VAT (20%) isn't applied, because every country has its own, which should be applied when the parcel passes the customs. However, it must be said that small packages (being sent as "registered letters"), generally get to destination without going through the customs, and thus, VAT isn't paid.

  • What's the difference between theatre and movie latex prosthetics?
  • Theatre prosthetics are made to last and be used many times, and also to be watched by some distance: thus, their edges are as thick as the other parts. Movie prosthetics, instead, are made for close-ups, so their edges are very thin, in order to be almost invisible when applied and made up, but the bad thing is that they can be used just once or twice, because edges are easily damaged during application.

  • What did you study to do this job?
  • Premising that as far as I know there is no school to make one a good businessman, I went to a good scientific high school, which gave me the faculty of analyzing and organizing what I need to do in order to reach my goals.
    Later, I attended to the 4-years-long course of Decoration in the Fine Arts academy of Brera, in Milan (because I wanted to study tecniques halfway between painting and scupting).
    Meanwhile, I did a lot of experiments on my own, to improve my knowledge of materials and tecniques.
    ...the witlessness of starting a creative and independent business on your own, I guess you must have it in your blood from the very start!

  • By any chance, do you need a apprentice/co-worker?
  • It'd be great, but I still don't need one and in order to make everything according to the (Italian) law, it's pretty complicated.
    Anyway, if/when I'll be able to do that, be sure it will be very clearly advertised on the website!

  • What's LARP?
  • LARP = Live Action Role Play. The Role Play (RP) was born during the 70s as a table-top game: a "narrator" suggests certain hints, and the players, each one playing a character, make up an actual story.
    The "fantasy" setting (esp. magical Middle Age) is the first and the most popular.
    During the 80s, the game takes something from the "theater" and starts to be played "live", with players that actually play (recite) their parts, freely based on the skills and personas of their characters.
    In order to LARP in a fantasy setting, masks and costumes are required: and here Neraluna was born of!


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Neraluna is meant to be as friendly as possible, and we'll be delighted to help you.


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