Artisans and Artists

(Italian) Weapons and other products for LARPing.

Banner I Sogni nel Cassetto
(English, Italian) Artistic-crafts workshop in Dozza (BO, Italy). Among the products: air-brushed items and clothing, clothing accessories, decoupage, felting, jewelry, etc.

Banner Gnometti Elibbeth
(Italian) Hand-sculpted gnomes and fairies made of synthetic clay.

Banner Loryland
(Italian, English) Sculptures of fairies, witches and pixies, 'magic' ornaments.

Banner Creativa Eli
(Italian) Flower crowns, brooches, hair bands, flower chains, fairy wings, hand-painted shirts, removable tattoos, etc.

Banner Luneba
(Italian) Paintings, sculptures and artistic decorations by Luana Pascali

Banner de La forgia del Lupo
(Italian) "Daghe d'Argento", fantasy LARP group in Rome, Italy, and "la Forgia del Lupo", producers of latex weapons, costumes and accessories for LARPing.

Banner Amici artigiani
(Italian) "A meeting place for all those who are fascinated by craftmanship and do-it-yourself things."

Banner AS Arts
(Italian) Italian artistic handicraft: ornaments, decorations, frames, etc.

Banner Skian Mhor
(English) LARP supplies in Great BRitain and at the main European events.

Travis Home
(Italian, English) Laboratory of special effects, especially horror.

(Italian) Artist and photographer from Tuscany.

Davide Silipo
(English) Greatly sensitive and expressive sculptor, halfway between Milan, The States, and Brazil...

Banner Grogband
(Italian, English) "GROG: Irish Drinking, Pirates, Fantasy Songs & Co."

Banner L'angolo di Laura
(Italian) Laura Sartori's Glass Art - Mosaic, Engraving, Painting, Casting.

Maura Saviano
(Italian) Fantasy illustrator who made a gallery in the form of a blog.

Banner Onirica Art
(English) Online gallery of Eleonora Forlani, Italian illustrator specialized in the fantasy genre.

banner Violet art
(Italiano) Ilenya: graphic designer, illustrator, artist and artisan.


Materials and techniques

(Italian) Gums, resins, etc. Interesting materials for model and miniature making.

(Italian, English) Materials for scenery, moke-up, art, etc... if you're 3D-creative ones, this will drive you nuts with wish!

(Italian) Big retailer of materials for any kind of restoration.

Banner Siliconi Padova
(Italian) "Distributor of the certified products by Bluestar Silicones (ex Rhodia Silicones): silicons, silicon gums, oil, resins and adhesives, water-repellent, 'silbion', etc.


Themed shops

Banner Giochidi
(Italian) Online shop of card games, miniatures, role-games, LARP stuff, comics and various gadgets, both for adults and for children.

Banner Hovistocose
(Italian) Online shop of RP and card games, comics, gadgets and various merchandise.

Banner La Bottega delle Fate
(Italian) Shop of statues and various sundries: angels, fairies, dragons, trolls, etc.
(Italian) Online shop of statues, miniatures, action figures, assembly kits, etc.


Themed pubs

Banner della Tana del Drago Fumante
(Italian) Fantasy pub, and tobacco shop in Soncino (CR, Italy). Themed scenery and food, fantasy events. A meeting place for Italian LARPers.


Art and creativity

(English) Art directory.

Banner Bergamo di mezzo
(Italian) Recreational and LARP group, organizing street events, theatre games and more in Lombardy, Italy.
This organization benefits from the partnership with Neraluna!

Banner Casperia Festival
(Italian) July 3rd and 4th, 2009: folk and traditional music festival.

Banner Stefano Giambra
(Italian) Gallery of Stefano Giambra's photography.


LARP organizations

Banner LARPspace
(English) The first of its kind; a multi-genre, multi-faceted, globally-inclusive, LARP-friendly community online, is growing quickly. Under the direction of our non-profit organization LARP Alliance, we are linked to a number of large-scale media projects.

Banner Larp Train
(Italian) Italian organization the offers "Meeting and training for Live Action Role Play".

Banner Accademia Carminia
(Italian) LARP organization playing in a fantastic 1700, site in Biella, Piemonte, Italy.
This organization benefits from the partnership with Neraluna!

Banner Adria GVR
(Italian) Fantasy LARP organization in Molise, Italy.

Banner AGB
(Italian) Fantasy LARP organization in Puglia, Italy.

Banner Alae Noctis
(Italian) Fantasy LARP organization in Tuscany, Italy. Alae Noctis starts as a group of friends that love PG and LARP games: they organize LARP sessions, but also events for children, with the aim of spreading the word about the wonderful world of fantasy games.

Banner Angainor
(Italian) Fantasy LARP organization in Tuscany, Italy.
This organization benefits from the partnership with Neraluna!

Banner Arcanadomine
(Italian) "LARP organization in the area of Triveneto, Italy. Plays in a fantastic 1000a.d."
This organization benefits from the partnership with Neraluna!

Avatar GRV
(Italian) Fantasy LARP organization in Emilia Romagna, Italy.

Banner Bollaverde live
(Italian) Fantasy LARP organization, site in Lombardy, Italy, close to Milan.

Cacciatori di Streghe
(Italian) Fantasy LARP organization in Lazio, Italy.

Banner Canti di Guerra
(Italian) Fantasy LARP organization in Lazio, Italy.

Banner Cavalcalupi
(Italian) Recreational organization in Veneto, Italy; mainly dedicated to RPG (also for beginners), board-games, card-games and entertainment during events with sword tournaments.

Circolo fantasy
(Italian) Fantasy LARP organization in Tuscany, Italy.

Banner Detective per Gioco
(Italian) LARP organization dedicated to the genre "murder-party".

Banner Draghi d'Ebano
(Italian) Fantasy LARP organization in Emilia Romagna, Italy.
(German) Drow portal for Austrian LARPers.

Element Zero
(Italian) LARP organization, site in Rome.

Banner Era del Caos
(Italian) Fantasy LARP organization in Lazio, Italy.

Banner Etemenanki
(Italian) Fantasy and Vampire LARP organization in Emilia Romagna, Italy.

(Italian) National LARP organization, site in Rome.

Banner Guardiani del Valhalla
(Italian) Fantasy LARP organization in Marche, Italy.

Haus Noamuth Quortek
(German) Austrian LARP group of the drow house Noamuth Quortek.

(Italian) National LARP organization, site in Rome.

Banner Il sigillo della fenice
(Italian) Fantasy LARP organization in Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy.

Banner de La forgia del Lupo
(Italian) "Daghe d'Argento", fantasy LARP group in Rome, Italy, and "la Forgia del Lupo", producers of latex weapons, costumes and accessories for LARPing.

La Roccaforte Maledetta
(Italian) Fantasy LARP organization in Lazio, Italy.

La tana del Drago
(Italian) LARP organization, site in Beinasco (TO - Italy).

Banner de Le Lande GRV
(Italian) LARP project in Arezzo (Italy).

Mystara e dintorni
(Italian) LARP organization, site in Tuscany.

Seconda Fondazione
(Italian) National LARP organization, site in Parma.

Shadow of Dragon
(Italian) LARP organization, site in Vigevano.


RPG communities

Banner Alatian
(Italian) Online medieval-fantasy rpg, by chat.

Banner Villenoire
(Italian) Online RPG via message-board; gothic setting.

Banner Empire of Darkness
(Italian) Portal of Empire of Darkness, online fantasy-epic RPG.

Banner J. S. Moran
(Italian) Interesting personal website about a D&D thief character.



Banner Aura Rinoa
(Italian) Great website by an awesome Italian cosplayer: AuraRinoa;
stunning costumes, photogallery and useful info about contests and events.

Banner Coscomics
(English) Chinese producer and seller of cosplay costumes.

Banner Giorgiacosplay
(Italian) Complete and well designed website about the world of cosplay; large photogallery and informations about events.

Banner Japanimation
(Italian) "the first “video-museum” dedicated to anime and the Japanese fantasy from the 50s to the 80s: fantasty movies, animation movies, tokusatsu tv series and animated series".

Banner Palermo In Cosplay
(Italian) "Cosplayers' community in Palermo, Italy".
This organization benefits from the partnership with Neraluna!



(Italian) Cultural association based in Brianza, Italy, that dedicates most of its work to theatre activities.


Historical & fantasy reenactment

Medieval Burgundy
(French) Association of medieval reenactment with costumes, weapons, equipment, waggons, camps, siege weapons, etc.

Renaissance Festivals
(English) "Get updated information about of renaissance festivals & faire all over the US. Find renaissance festival clothing, costumes, medieval clothing, pirate shirts and choose Arizona renaissance festival, Texas renaissance festival, faires"


Celtism and paganism

(Italian, English, French) Important international festival of celtic art, culture and music.


Fantasy literature

Fantasy and Sci-Fi stories and poems
(English) Short stories and poems on fantasy and sci-fi themes, posted by the authors.


Myths and legends

Banner Il Regno dei Fanes
(Italian) An anthropological overview, deep and still growing, about the ancient Fanes people that lived on the Eastern Dolomites.


Themed portals

The Tower of High Sorcery
(Italian) Forum-community about the saga of the Dragonlance.

Valm Neira, the underground city of the Drow
(Italian) Portal about drow and vampires.

Yavin4, Italian Star Wars' fanclub
(Italian) Yavin 4, Italian Star Wars' fan club.



Banner Casafreccia
(Italian) Bunnies and interesting related suggestions.

Banner Collywobbles
(Italian) Collywobbles: a crazy ska band (and they play wearing elf ears!)

Banner Dakota
(Italian) Many useful information about cats and more.

(Italian) School of communication and strategies of self-development.

Fabric Label
(English) Nationbright is leading manufacturer of hang tags, clothing labels including Garment, Woven Label, Printed Fabric & Fashion Labels, Die Casted & much more.

Banner Felinadia
(Italian) Dark alchemy: the wonderful sacred birman cats from Nadia's breeding.

Banner Imago Vocis
(Italian) Imago Vocis is a quartet of musicians coming from different experiences about ancient music, they offer musical entertainment with a wide medieval holy and secular repertory, and great care is put in the visual impact, thanks to costumes and accessories.
(English) Website directory.

Banner Rattiamici
(Italian) The first (and probably only) Italian website all about pet rats. - Classified Web Links
(English) Website directory.

(English) "Assortment of cards for birth announcements, baby shower invitations, christening invitations, thank you Cards, party invitations, christmas photo cards, etc".

Banner Tutti i siti
(Italian, Spanish, English) Directory of Italian, English and Spanish websites on various subjects.


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