Our privacy policy

Talking about privacy, the most important thing we have to say is that all the people that have something to do with Neraluna, be them clients, suppliers or providers, will always be treated with the highest respect.

All data we get from clients, suppliers and providers are kept with care, and are never given to any third part, nor they're made public.
Our computers are protected by firewall and antivirus that are kept up-to-date, and they're not accessibe to other people.

On our part, we don't send unsolicited advertisements or other informations, without your authorization.

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Sending the request of subscription to our newsletter represents an authorization for us to send you news and informations about Neraluna. (More or less once a month).
In order to unsubscribe our newsletter, just send us another email telling us to unsubscribe you.

Italian bureaucracy

In order to fulfill the duties set by the Italian law, here are some more official lines.
(This is only for Italians!), for the rest of the world, I'm looking for more infos about possible international obligations, but at the moment, I haven't found anything).

The Italian code about privacy "Codice della Privacy" (D. Lgs. n. 196/03) regulates the procedures for the treatment of personal data in Italy.

In order to let us treat these data in a proper way, we ask our clients and suppliers, if they haven't already done it, to:,
- read the document (in Italian) that is linked here: Informativa sulla privacy (PDF, 101 Kb)
- print it
- complete it with signature and date
- send or give it to us


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