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News archive: February 2008

Products: Extra-long elf ears!

Feb. 21, 2008

A new model of extra-long elf ears, freely inspired by the "blood-elves" of "World of Warcraft": great for LARPing, but even better for cosplaying.

Ready items showcase

Febr. 19, 2008

We thought to make it easier to find those OOAK products that are just ready to be shipped, without having to order them in advance and then wait for us to make them.

Here are some samples (we'll soon put online a complete page with more works).

Products: NewLine series!

Feb. 8th, 2008

NewLine* is a new series of products that Neraluna is proud to launch: improved latex theatre prosthetics with better design, comfort and fit, that will replace the older models.

Here's the first model of the NewLine series: short elf ears (also for halfelves):
click on the picture to open the product-sheet and see bigger pictures!

(*This product offers improved conditions for retailers, in case you're interested, contact us).

Looking for retailers

Feb. 6th, 2008

We just updated the page about retailers that contained few errors (about Italian retailers only).

We're looking for new retailers, worldwide: if you own a shop, or know a shop that'd likely sell our thatre masks and prosthetics, please contact us.

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