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News archive: March 2008

New products and ready items showcase

(updated) March 25, 2008

New products added: a hand-painted leather cover, a stump-shaped candle-holder, and a celtic seed-shaped pendant.
The candle-holder and the pendant are ready and available.

Take a look at the showcase of the ready products

Bridal dresses

March 12, 2008

During summer 2007 we had a chance to make a very special kind of customized "costumes": bridal dresses!
Are you dreaming of getting married with a very special dress, but the taylors of typical bridal dresses won't help you? Then talk to us!

We'll be delighted to design the model together with you, to make real what you're dreaming of: we'll keep in contact during all the work, to get the perfect result you long for (it's needed that you can come to our laboratory for the fittings).

Gallery of fantasy clothes and costumes

Ready items showcase

March 4, 2008

A specific page was just created to collect all the single items that are already made, and ready to be sold and shipped to you.

Take a look at the showcase

Products: Dreamcatcher with jade-green feathers

March 4, 2008

Dreamcatcher with jade-green feathers Dreamcatcher with jade-green feathers, diameter 7'' (17,5cm).

Offers of the month - March 2008

March 4, 2008

Dark medieval-fantasy dress with transparent sleeves Until March 31, this dress is for sale at 210 € instead of 235.
You can visit us to try it before buying, and check the quality of materials and trim size. Otherwise, if you have the dress shipped to you, there are 9 days for giving it back in case you change your mind or the size isn't fitting (of course the dress will have to be as new and whole as when we shipped it, to have the cost of the dress given back).
Dreamcatcher with jade-green feathers Dreamcatcher with jade-green feathers, diameter 7'' (17,5cm).
Until March 10 this item is for sale at on a auction-like basis on this website:
If it's not sold by March 10, it'll be for sale on this website at the listed price.

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