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News archive: May 2008

Fantasy event in Soncino (CR, Italy): Adunanza di Rohan

May 15, 2008

* May 25: the 3rd edition of the "Adunanza di Rohan" *

by the fantasy pub "La Tana del Drago Fumante" on may 25, it'll take place the 3rd edition of the event called "Adunanza di Rohan, fantasy role-playing in costume.
The program includes live role-play, duels, themed catering, etc.
...and of course the chance to purchase themed goods, among which
Neraluna's elven ears are a must!

NewLine Series new product: new standard Elf Ears!

May 6, 2008

* We're launching the new great model of NewLine Elf Ears! *

After an awesome preview at the fair "Soncino Fantasy 2008", here's the official launch of the new elf ears!
The most sold ever model is now all renewed and becomes even better:
- Even more beautiful
- Even more
- For the same price!

Now have a look at all the pictures!

End-of-production offer: traditional standard elf ears

May 6, 2008

After retitring our old model of short elf ears, now it's the moment of the traditional standatd-length model: we still have a small quantity of standard elf-ears (see picture)...

They go for 7.50 € a pair until sold out!

To place an order send us an email to the address info@neraluna.com
Warning: because there are only few pairs, we'll go 'first come, first serve'!

Update of the showcase of ready products

May 6, 2008

After the fair, we updated the showcase of ready items with a few news, but we suggest that you pass by again in the next days, as lots of new things are waiting to be put online.

Go to the showcase of the ready products


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